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Sarah Westbrook

Trauma Bonded:
A True Story of Navigating Attachments Forged in Complex PTSD

"Trauma Bonded" is a memoir about learning how to navigate relationships impacted by abuse and trauma.

Daisy Girl Communications

Daisy Girl Communications is dedicated to bringing you relevant content to improve mental wellness. Our goal is to embrace authenticity, normalize nuance and hold space for vulnerability. We want to learn with you, grow with you and become the best version of ourselves with you. Everyone has a touch of crazy in them, we hope you can trust us with yours.

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Unpacking Mormonism

"Religious Trauma & Transitions"

Dedicated to providing psycho-education to promote understanding and healing for those who are in a faith transition. Specifically targets toxic messaging and cult-like religious systems. Teaches listeners how to identify trauma, unhealthy systems and what to do as they create a new life for themselves.

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Raising Crazy

"Growing Up to Show Up"

Psychoeducation for all parents and caregivers, especially those with behaviorally challenging children. Learn skills to help overcome trauma, challenge messaging, normalize parenting faux pas, and teach about human development and emotional wellness.

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Conversations With
a Schizophrenic

"Dialogue with Brigg Westbrook"

Enjoy listening to the personal experiences of growing up with Schizophrenia. Sarah, Brigg and guests will discuss the realities of life with psychosis, the challenges they’ve faced and what the future holds.

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Learn - Grow - Become

Westbrook Counseling Services is dedicated to helping client’s work through their pain to achieve lasting results. Healing takes work and we are dedicated to being with you every step of the way as you do that work. Our goal is to teach you the skills you need so you can move forward in life, equipped with the tools necessary to face your future with grace and self-empathy.

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My Book is Coming Soon!!!

"Trauma Bonded"

"Trauma Bonded" is a memoir about learning how to navigate relationships impacted by abuse and trauma.

Available on September 6th, 2023

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What Clients say

I am grateful for Westbrook Services. For many years, since childhood, I've ran into counselors, physcologists, and therapists and never saw progress. In fact, my life was worse. I became a hermit terrified of going out in public, didnt do grocery shopping, had many hospital visits, became paranoid, was awful. With Sarah's help, I am now able to live life with my head held up. Sarah new how to help me. She gave advice little by little to not overwhelm my thinking and stop the progress she was seeing. With her advice and encouragement, she connected me with a dog that is now fully trained as a service dog. This has been an awesome help to my healing. She was and still is a constant encouragement. Because of her help, I am now a person who smiles, shops, has friends, and lives life to the fullest at the age of 40. Thank you Sarah!

- Michelle Barker

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